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What People Say About Professor Mandel




"Professional, Efficient, and Practical"

- Euiyoung New York, NY on 3/27/2018

Alan does not waste a single second during his session. On his interview session, I guarantee there has been no one for me comparable to him even if I have received English coaching from tens of tutors as an international professional so far. He corrects not only my tone, intonation, or accent but also my posture, gesture, and how to appear professional while talking with American professionals. The fascinating thing is that he knows how to coach even technical interviews customized for me from his long time of experience. His expertise is more than amazing. I would definitely recommend him to all kinds of internationals: students, business professionals, or even engineers & scientists!

"Very knowledgeable and experienced"

- Irene New York, NY on 8/29/2018

Great at working with interview style and answers. Really appreciate his input! Very patient and thoughtful, was prepared with sample questions and how to answer them.

"The Best Tutor"

- Kexin New York, NY on 4/7/2018

Alan is very patient and professional. He uses different media techniques to vary my experience so that I can stay focus longer. Moreover, the occasional use of humor makes me feel comfortable, less stressed out. His approach of teaching not only improves my english skills, but also develops my interest in english which I think is even more important for the long run.

"Expert Tutor"

- Leon New York, NY on 10/21/2017

Alan is tutoring me with accent reduction, listening and reading comprehension skills in business and finance. I had several lessons so far and have found him very professional and confident in his work. He customizes a study plan for me and prepares every lesson seriously which makes me get everything I expected.

"Amazing profesor"

- Daniel Lodi, NJ on 9/23/2017

Prof. Alan M. is great! He made me feel comfortable and relaxed, we discussed my goals and objectives in regards to English language (writing and speaking) . I highly recommend Professor Alan M.

"Perfect to understand the American Language"

- Stephane New York, NY on 8/24/2017

Hi, a 45 french who's going back in school.... Not so easy but Allan is perfect and make me confident in the fact i will be much more better than i'm now with comprehension and pronunciation... thanks!

"Great Tutor!"

- Lucy New York, NY on 8/21/2017

Alan is very patient and professional. I highly recommend the class. He offers advice based on my situation and I can see improvement quickly.

"Helpful Public Speaking Lesson"

- Ekua Brooklyn, NY on 6/20/2017

I only had 2 lessons so far but I already feel that I have learned new tools regarding how to become a better public speaker. Looking forward to the next lesson!

"Knowledgeable and patient tutor"

- Ron Plymouth, MA on 5/11/2017

Alan worked with me in asking and answering questions for an interview for a college teaching position. He reviewed my CV and cover letter and asked relevant questions related to the position. It prepared me for questions that I didn't think of and was a good confidence booster. It turns out, I got the job! So, thanks, Alan, for your help!

"Great session!"

- Bianca New York, NY on 5/10/2017

Alan was patient and provided great tips and techniques for my presentation. Offered a lesson on what leads to fear of presentations before I started practicing.

"Knowledgeable teacher"

- Jiya Brooklyn, NY on 2/28/2017

I needed to help with my interview skills. Alan helped me tell my story in a coherent, compelling, and interesting way. I'd definitely take lessons with him again!

"Great tutor."

- Frederico New York, NY on 2/4/2017

Alan helped me significantly improve my accent and how to express myself. It gave me the confidence and knowledge to face my routine of meetings and presentations. I felt a clear evolution after the first lesson, thanks to the talent and experience that Alan has. He's very knowledgeable and professional, with a pragmatic and efficient teaching method, made for you to progress quickly. I highly recommend Alan.

"Great teacher and he is very patient!"

- NY New York, NY on 9/19/2016

I'm currently study with him one or twice of week, Alan is a great english teacher and He has been many experience with international student, so he do have teaching skills and great accents as well.

"Public speaking"

- Emine Tenafly, NJ on 6/27/2016

Alan gave me great advise on how to improve my public speaking skills and also how to improve my lectures. I am sure with the techniques he suggested I will be a better orator and a lecturer.

"Highly recommended!"

- Wendy West New York, NJ on 5/3/2016

I am grateful to have a tutor like Alan. He is efficient, patient, and passionate to teach! I admire Alan's critical thinking ability and truly appreciate his excellent guidance! These classes have brought me a great deal of confidence and courage while I am presenting in front of large audience. I feel proud of myself, and I know, it's because of you, Alan.

"Great tutor - very fast and high impact"

- Gulfem New York, NY on 10/21/2015

I have been working with Alan for four weeks until now. Even in such a short time, I already could observe extremely tangible improvements in my accent and pronunciation of challenging words. In our first session together, he could understand my needs and improvement areas and we specifically targeted those areas one by one ever since. Alan is really good at picking the right exercises to push you out of your comfort zone and accelerate the time you see the results. Also, Alan is such a patient teacher that he lets you to take your time to get something right. So, I highly recommend working with Alan for your accent reduction efforts.

"Knowledgeable and patient tutor"

- Sophie Brooklyn, NY on 10/4/2015

Alan was very patient and gave me a lot of helpful suggestion to make my interview answers sound more professional. I love the way he taught me. He first asked me interview questions, then I answered. After that he gave me suggestion and help me to answer question more professionally. When I repeated the answer, he would correct my pronunciation and grammar errors as well. I am expecting to get improvement with his help.

"Great Tutor with lots of patience"

- Esther New York, NY on 9/17/2015

Alan has gone over interview questions and gave me some feedback which were helpful. We mainly focused on my writing skills and discussed areas that needed improvement. He had me write different types of response for the interview questions and pointed out grammar errors. This was extremely helpful where he gave me an explanation for the errors and I was able to fix them at the end of the session. Thank you for your help!

"Great Tutoring - Highly recommend it"

- Vlada New York, NY on 6/30/2015

I had taken several lessons, which probably ran for around 3-4 months. From the first lesson, Alan recommended to get a book, which comes with a CD and is extremely helpful, We spent a lot of times doing class walk-through from the book which was very helpful. Additionally the class sessions were very diversified and we spent time going through plays, speech read outs, short stories, etc. All the classes were very well prepared and super helpful. I would highly recommend Alan!

"Very good"

- Kevin Brooklyn, NY on 3/29/2015

This guy is a great tutor! Easy to work with and has a good sense of humor. Also, he is very patient.

"Great speech coach who went above and beyond expansion"

- Dong New York, NY on 3/10/2015

Alan is by far the best speech coach that I have had. My line of work demands a high level of communication skills, often requiring me to deliver presentations at client and internal meetings. Yet giving presentations has always been a daunting and stressful task for me. I can't begin to tell you how much heartburn it has caused me over the years. I have attempted a few executive training and workshops at my company, only to find little progress being made in my presentation skill. I am glad that I've found Alan. Right off the bat, after the initial diagnostic Alan helped me identify the specific issues and speech patterns that required attention. He then designed a bespoke program for me that aimed to hone all these areas. I have been genuinely surprised by how effective some of the exercises and skits have been. Another pleasant surprise is Alan's ability to combine his knowledge of the financial market and decades of experience in designing exercises that closely simulate some of the day to day situations that I need to face, allowing me to apply some of the techniques at work the very next day. I highly recommend Alan for anyone seeking help with communication skills.

"Great tutor"

- Grace Fort Lee, NJ on 2/21/2015

Alan is a gentle and sensitive tutor to meet each student's need; he helped me reduce my accent and gain a more fluency in use of American English. He has a great personality and would never mind spending a little bit more time in order to cover his material. I look forward to continue to work with him on enhancing public and formal speaking skills. I would highly recommend Alan to anyone who wish to refine your English regardless of your level and type of needs.

"Nothing Short of Astounding"

- Jonathan New York, NY on 8/5/2014

Simply put, Alan is an outstanding tutor. He has been working with one of our team members for the last several months and the results we’ve seen have been nothing short of astounding. In a relatively short period of time, our team member’s writing has improved tenfold, and they are now able to catch themselves before returning to their “old way” of writing. Where writing was choppy and disjointed, it now flows seamlessly and is concise without being curt. This person is now able to hone in on the issue they are writing about and convey their thoughts in a tight, organized manner. Throughout our professional relationship, Alan has been courteous, prompt, flexible, and able to fit appointments into our tight – and ever-changing – schedule. I cannot recommend Alan highly enough. He is truly one of a kind.

"Great Tutor to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills"

- Denis West New York, NJ on 3/14/2014

I had been looking for an English tutor who could help me to improve my public speaking skills for my upcoming interview at dental school. I am glad I found Alan as a tutor. He helped me to define my own speaking style. I especially had difficulty expressing myself using the right vocabulary since I did not understand the nuance of many words. Alan was very patient, and he always gave me many choices of words and explained the nuances of each word until I felt satisfied. Within a couple of sessions, he taught me tips and skills that helped me for certain areas I struggled in. Each session was extremely productive! Alan is very knowledgeable, intelligent, calm, patient, and willing to teach his students. He is efficient and maximizes the time. I am very happy to be working with him and would highly recommend him to others. He worked with me every step of the way to help me in my goals. By the way, my interview was successful and I was admitted into dental school.

"Good materials, patient, covers multiple topics"

- Liang Rego Park, NY on 10/17/2013

Alan is good to point out many problems with my speaking, and has many useful materials to practice on correcting them. Very patient to work on my intonation, and do not let any issues get by. Open to my feedback, and flexible to change accordingly. He is quite prepared and willing to discuss the need and approach. With the materials, techniques, and practices, I feel I am better at public speaking with more confidence. I can easily go over again and again after finishing our sessions in future. I feel it is a great deal with his rate and teaching.